Student Research Forum

Important part of this Spring School is the interdisciplinary Student Research Forum. It provides a great oportunity for Ph.D. students to present their work and results to collegues, get feedback from them and invited speakers - experts in their field of study, as well as from people working in other areas.

A talk at Student Research Forum is limited to 20 minutes.

Important dates:

  • February 13, 2012 - deadline for registering talk to corresponding member of the organizing committee
  • March 15, 2012 - deadline for submission of abstract of the registred talk (one A4 page, using one of templates below)

Templates for abstracts (see also Springer LNCS Style):


Extended abstracts of talks presented in the interdisciplinary Student Research Forum are available online in the Proceedings of the Spring School – a Week of Doctoral Studies 2012 (10.5 MB).

Schedule of Talks

Best Talk Award

As a result of voting, the Best Talk Award was awarded to:

  • Lenka Halčinová (Mathematics):
    Submeasures in probabilistic concept
  • Róbert Tarasenko (Physics):
    Muon spin relaxation study of the two-dimensional spatially anisotropic triangular magnet Cu(tn)Cl2



  • Monika Balogová: Wintering of Salamandra salamandra
  • Zuzana Dučaiová: The influence of selected plant hormones on the accumulation of coumarin compounds
  • Valéria Kocová: Endopolyploidy in Trifolium pratense L.
  • Natália Kokošová: Preconditioning by ionizing radiation protects pyramidal CA1 neurons against delayed neuronal death after transient ischemia in rats
  • Ján Kriška: Effect of 17-β estradiol on production and secretion of erythropoietin and other angiogenic factors in ovarian cancer cells
  • Viera Kútna: Phenotype identification of cells lining the central canal of rat spinal cord during postnatal period
  • Veronika Lokajová: Cytotoxic effect of selected secondary metabolites on fotobiont Trebouxia erici
  • Anna Matiašová: Efficiency of proliferative cells labeling by exogenous marker BrdU after peroral administration in rat
  • Silvia Mihaličová: Effect of silicon on selected aspects of heavy metal toxicity
  • Zuzana Papcová: Antagonistic effect of hypericin on cisplatin action in cisplatin-sensitive and -resistant carcinoma cells
  • Veronika Poracká: Coumarins of Matricaria chamiomilla L.
  • Barbora Valeková: Secreted GDF-15 in cancer cell response to photodynamic therapy with hypericin
  • Katarína Varcholová: Environmental impacts on variability of male genitalia of Erebia medusa (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae)


  • Michal Alexovič: Fully-automated determination of copper by in-syringe dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction using long path-length spectrophotometric detection
  • Miroslav Almáši: Coordination polymers based on polycarboxylic acids
  • Nela Farkašová: Coordination compounds of nickel and cobalt with 2,2´-dipyridylamine
  • Jana Janočková: Spectroscopic study and DNA binding evaluation of selected bis-tacrine compounds
  • Livia Kocúrová: Application of dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction for determination of inorganic compounds
  • Margaréta Kováčová: Stereocontrolled introduction of a methyl group at furanose ring of D-sugars
  • Katarína Lacková: Structure of low-dimensional copper compounds based on tricyanomethanide and N-donor chelate ligands
  • Eva Mezeiová: Total synthesis of analogues of jaspine B
  • Jana Plšíková: Study of DNA interactions with flavonoid compounds
  • Miroslav Psotka: Study of Aza-Claisen and Overman [3.3]-sigmatropic rearrangement of substrates made from shikimic acid
  • Ingrida Rostášová: Complexing properties of aminoacids phosphorus analogues in aqueous solution
  • Lenka Rusnáková: Determination of boron in water using ultrasound bath and dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction
  • Lucia Tomášová: Synthesis of hybrid systems incorporating the spiroindoline phytoalexin and betulin skeleton
  • Petra Tóthová: The biological importance of G-quadruplex motif in DNA
  • Mária Vojtičková: Synthesis of acridine derivatives as potential DNA G-quadruplex intercalators

Computer Science

  • Ľubomír Antoni: Quality measure of fuzzy formal concepts
  • Zuzana Bednárová: Size cost of boolean operations on nondeterministic pushdown automata
  • Radoslav Gargalík: Object segmentation by depth map
  • Miron Kuzma: Optimization problems with known & unknown criterial function
  • Ladislav Mikeš: Iterative volumetric structure generation based on scattering information
  • Mária Palušáková: Algorithms for simultaneous alignment and folding of RNA sequences
  • Tomáš Pénzeš: Multimodal function optimization by artificial immune systems
  • Štefan Pero: Matrix factorization techniques for recommender systems
  • Peter Pisarčík: New self-synchronizing stream cipher PDE-512
  • Lenka Pisková: Incremental algorithms for fuzzy concept lattices
  • Pavol Sokol: The analysis of the server systems intrusions using honeynet
  • Imrich Szabó: Parametric model for 3D smoothing
  • Martin Šumák: Top-k search over grid file


  • Ľudmila Bezegová: Numbers of edges in magic-type graphs
  • Zuzana Farkasová: Some classes of monounary algebras
  • Katarína Furcoňová: Vizualization of motion word problems
  • Lenka Halčinová: Submeasures in probabilistic concept
  • Dávid Hudák: The sum of powers of vertex degrees of graphs
  • Jana Chudá: Grasping of motion word problem
  • Martina Ivanecká: Statistics at secondary school
  • Matej Juhás: Methods for characterization of probability distributions based on record values
  • Andrea Kanáliková: Methods for introduction of real number notation
  • Katarína Kocová Mičkaninová: Development of selected mathematical competencies with ICT
  • Mária Kopperová: Characteristic of hamiltonian graphs
  • Filip Krajník: A varieties with compact intersection property
  • Martina Mockovčiaková: The Nordhaus-Gaddum type results for some indices of bipartite graph
  • Daša Palenčárová: Effect of the implicit combinatorial model on understanding the problem
  • Eva Pillárová: Envy-free cake cutting: Historical overview
  • Tatiana Polláková: A construction of supermagic labeling of certain classes of graphs
  • Anna Polomčáková: Problems of combinatorial geometry
  • Rastislav Rusnačko: Uniform correlation structure in the growth curve model with various estimators of variance matrix
  • Gabriela Rusnáková: Kinematic splitting of flow in moving domains: theoretical and experimental analysis
  • Noémi Székelyová: Teaching of Algebra in Elementary School
  • Peter Šugerek: Facial palindromfree coloring of plane graphs


  • Martin Botko: Unconventional magnetism of genuine anion-radical salts based on TCNQ molecules
  • Jana Kubacková: Application of surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for the detection of trace amounts of chemical compounds (flame retardants, pesticides)
  • Igor Parnahaj: Forbush decreases and geomagnetic storms: Analysis of two solar cycles
  • Barbora Petrušková: Analysis of Dose-Volume Histograms and prediction of normal tissue complications in a treatment of prostate cancer
  • Kornel Richter: Fast domain wall dynamics in thin magnetic wires
  • Alena Strejčková: Interaction of hypericin with bilayer lipid membranes - fluorescence studies
  • Róbert Tarasenko: Muon spin relaxation study of the two-dimensional spatially anisotropic triangular magnet Cu(tn)Cl2
  • Vladimír Tkáč: Study of spin dynamics using AC susceptibility measurement