Monday, May 21

08:00 - 12:00Arrival
14:15 - 14:30Opening:
Pavol Miškovský (general coordinator of the DOKTORAND project)
Viliam Geffert (Program Committee chair)
14:30 - 18:50Student Research Forum

Tuesday, May 22

08:45 - 10:45Plenary Talk (chaired by P. Miškovský):
Franck Sureau (Physics)
Fluorescence methods and application in biosciences
11:00 - 13:00Invited Talks:
Ferdinand Šporka (Biology, chaired by Ľ. Panigaj):
High mountain lakes and streams in High Tatras as excellent indicators of environmental changes
Andriy Vishnikin (Chemistry, chaired by V. Viglaský):
Organized systems on the basis of heteropoly anions and their analytical application
Carlo Mereghetti (Computer Science, chaired by V. Geffert):
Lower limits of computation
Igor Melicherčík (Mathematics, chaired by K. Cechlárová):
Some useful optimization problems in portfolio theory
Pavol Sovák (Physics, chaired by P. Miškovský):
Electron – an effective tool for structural investigation of a nanoworld
14:30 - 18:50Student Research Forum

Wednesday, May 23

08:45 - 10:45Plenary Talk (chaired by V. Viglaský):
Vladimír Zeleňák (Chemistry)
Nanoporous materials: properties, applications and opportunities
11:00 - 13:00Poster Session
14:30 - 18:50Student Research Forum

Thursday, May 24

08:45 - 10:45Invited Talks:
Ľubomír Panigaj (Biology, chaired by M. Bačkor):
Global problems of the Earth: Is life threatened
Andrej Oriňák (Chemistry, chaired by V. Zeleňák):
Multifunctional nanostructures in integration to miniaturized systems
Gabriel Semanišin (Computer Science, chaired by V. Geffert):
Quantum algorithms
Katarína Cechlárová (Mathematics, chaired by M. Hančová):
Introduction to the theory of stable matchings
Štefan Parimucha (Physics, chaired by P. Miškovský):
Planets around other stars
13:00 - 18:30Trip
20:00 - 22:00Open Discussion Session

Friday, May 25

09:45 - 11:45Invited Talks:
Martin Bačkor (Biology, chaired by Ľ. Panigaj):
Symbioses of plants with fungi
Vladimír Zeleňák (Chemistry, chaired by A. Oriňák):
Nanoporous materials: properties, applications and opportunities
Viliam Geffert (Computer Science, chaired by F. Galčík):
In-place sorting
Miroslav Ploščica (Mathematics, chaired by M. Hančová):
Combinatorics of ordered sets
Gregor Bánó (Physics, chaired by G. Fabriciová):
Lasers - design and applications
14:00 -Departure