Invited Plenary Talk (Physics)

Fluorescence methods and application
in biosciences

Dr. Franck Sureau Laboratoire Jean Perrin,
Université Pierre et Marie Curie,
Paris, France


Fluorescence is one of the most powerful spectroscopic methods and is largely used in life sciences from molecular studies up to in vivo clinical diagnosis. The progress is mainly driven by exciting new developments in (lifetime) spectroscopy, imaging microscopy and probe design such as genetically encoded fluorescent proteins, but also in nano-materials (including beads and thin films), opto-electronic components, in data acquisition and processing. By now, fluorescence has found widespread applications in life sciences where it complements (and competes with) nmr and mass spectroscopy, but with entirely different scope.

After an overview of the basics principles of fluorescence, and instrumentations, illustrations of studies in live cells using fluorescence imaging microscopy, microspectroscopic and time-resolved measurements, will be presented with a focus on the fluorescence resonance energy transfer method an its various application.